First Zone Meeting host

On 29th September 2012, Hetauda Bazar Lions club hosted 1st Zone Meeting of Zone VIII, Region IV at Road House Restaurent, Hetauda. Respective Zone Chairperson Lion Vijay kumar Gupta were official meeting called with their zone club in present of district advisor Lion Ram Shrestha. Host club's Treaserer Lion Anup Kumar Agrawal was gave welcome speech to participants of all Lions. Chief guest district Advisor Lion Ram Shrestha feliciated for their speech. Host Club President Lion Manoj Dhungana thanks speech given to Chief Guest, Club president and participants.

 Tree Plantation Program

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 Grand Blood Donation

On 22nd September 2012, Hetauda Bazar Lions club organized Grand blood Donation Program at Buddha Chock, Hetauda in coordination of Blood Bank, Hetauda. In the camp 62 pints blood collected. The Program was organized successfully with many Lions and Local peoples were donate blood on this program. In this program District Advisor Lion Ram Shrestha, Region Chair Person Lion Bindu Gopal Gorkhali, District Chairperson Lion Mukti Govinda Vaidya, Lion Saroj Dhakal, Lion Bhimsen Mahat, Hetauda President Lion Bishnu Gopal Maharjan, First VP lion Dr Balram Bhatta, Hetauda City President Lion Krishnaram Neupane, Secretary Lion Anil Agrawal and makawanpur Redcross President Mr. Surya Chandra Neupane were participate as guest. The program was coordinate by Lion Paras Mani Thing, Director.

 Club Inauguration

On 29th August 2012, Hetauda Bazar Lions Club celebrated inauguration of Club office,1st Charter day and Installation ceremony at Club office, Parijatpath, Hetauda. The Chief guest of Lions 325B2 district governer Lion Shem Shakya MJF and IPDG Lion RajKumar Shrestha MJF Inaugurated Club Office, Charter Presentation and 1st installation program.

 President Message
आदरणिय अग्रजज्यू तथा सहयात्री लायन मित्रहरु, बिश्वब्यापीरुपमा फैलिएको लायनबादको हांगा समाउंदै समाजका असक्त, अनाथ र कमजोर नागरिकहरुको घाउमा मल्हम लगाउने सानो दुस्प्रयास स्वरुप २००९ मा लायनबादको संजालमा प्रवेश गरें मकवानपुर लायन्स क्लब मार्फत ।   
 Hetauda Bazar
Nepal is a kingdom in the Himalayas. It lies between two big countries, India & China. The total area of Nepal is 147881 sq. Km with an East to West length of about 800Km. and a North to South width of about 90-230Km. Nepal is located 26° 26' north - 30° 26' north latitude & 80° 03' east - 88° 15' west longitude.
This district covers an area of 2426 sq. Km. In the east, west, south and north part of the district, there are Bagmati River, Lother River, Churiya range and Chandragiri hill respectively.
 Hetauda Bazar
The name of the city, Hetauda is related with the Devil of “Mahabharata” times. In Mahabharata period, this city was known as Hedamb-nagar because a monster named Hidambasur used to live here.